signs he wants to marry you

10 Signs He Wants To Marry You

Have you and your boyfriend been spending more time together? Has he started asking long-term questions about your relationship? Maybe he’s just really into you—but he also might be thinking about popping the big question. If you’ve been together for a while now, you might be going through your internal checklist to see where his […]

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wedding photographer

6 Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Long after your wedding day has come and gone, when you’ve had children or maybe even grandchildren, you will look at your wedding photos and reminisce about that incredible day in your life. Wedding photos provide a gateway to your past and spark fond memories. And the better the photos are, the better your memories […]

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signature wedding drinks

7 Signature Wedding Drinks For Your Special Day

Planning your wedding takes a lot of hard work. Every small detail counts to make everything perfect, and you’ll want to make everything special and memorable by creating a fun atmosphere for your guests. One creative way to make your wedding memorable is by offering signature wedding drinks. Many of your guests are going to […]

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wedding vows

Tips On Writing The Perfect Wedding Vows

So, you’re about to get married in a few days and still don’t know how to truly express your feelings to your future husband or wife. It’s a problem that many men and women face in the final stretch before the wedding. Wedding vows are something sacred, and they should be difficult to write. After […]

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best man speech

5 Pro Tips On Writing A Best Man Speech

Nervous about being the best man? Don’t worry, it’s completely normal, especially if you’ve never done it before. There’s a lot of best man responsibilities for you to take care of. Perhaps the most nerve-racking part of your best man experience is getting up to perform a speech in front of all the guests. Fear […]

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maid of honor duties

What Exactly Are Maid of Honor Duties?

“Maid of honor” lives up to its name, since it truly is an honor to be asked to take this role for the wedding of someone close to you. The relationship you’ve had with the bride has convinced her that you are the perfect person for her to select. Being a maid of honor puts […]

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bridal shower ideas

5 Fun Bridal Shower Ideas

Before the big wedding day, the bridal shower is an important and fun event for the bride, bridesmaids, family, and friends. It’s a time to celebrate with the girls and have fun games, drinks, and any other shenanigans you can think of. Making sure the guests have a fun time is critical to a great […]

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wedding trends 2018

5 Hot Wedding Trends In 2018

Every year we see new trends come and go in weddings. Some of these trends may stay and become traditions, while others quickly get thrown out the window in favor of another new trend the next year. Nevertheless, it’s important as a wedding venue to keep up on these traditions in order to best serve […]

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man watching speaker at event - how to plan a corporate event

Quick Guide: How To Plan A Successful Corporate Event

Whether you’re hosting a company seminar, a product launch, an awards gala, or a charity event, you need to plan properly in advance when organizing any sort of corporate party. Planning a corporate event can be a lot more difficult than a personal party. You’ve got to be highly aware of the brand that your […]

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Wedding Guest List Invitation

7 Tips On Who To Include In Your Wedding Guest List

So you’re planning your big day. Isn’t it stressful? What wedding reception hall to pick, which photographer to go with, who will be my maid of honor? These can be stressful times, and we understand that. That’s why we’re here to provide some tips for one major decision: the wedding guest list. For many people […]

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