Memorable And Festive Winter Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Guests always love wedding favors. From chocolates to coffee mugs to succulents, we’ve seen plenty of great wedding favors that couples have given out at the end of the reception. But what if you have a winter wedding? Do you give regular favors, or do you try something more seasonal?

If you’re planning to have a winter wedding this year, most likely you’re right in the middle of organizing  it right now—and that includes choosing your wedding favors.

It may be more fun and memorable to present your wedding guests something a little different that they can actually use during the winter season. Here are our favorite festive winter wedding favors that are sure to impress your guests.

Fleece Blankets

Give the gift of warmth for those cold winter days! Setting up a “blanket station” with blankets for your guests to use throughout the wedding in case they get a little chilly is a very cozy idea indeed. At the end of the night, people can take them home to keep. Instant winter wedding favors!

White Winter Wedding Favors Blankets With Wedding DateImage:

And if you want to splurge a little and make your wedding favors more personal, you can have the blankets embroidered with your initials or your wedding date.

A Thermos

A thermos makes a perfect winter wedding favor, as long as it’s of good quality. A solid thermos will keep morning coffee or tea warm throughout the day. Be sure to customize it or match it to the theme/style of your wedding in order to leave your signature on it!

Winter Wedding Favors - ThermosImage:

Winter Gloves

Just like the blankets, nice winter gloves make lovely, cozy winter wedding favors. Your guests will use this practical gift all throughout the season.

Winter Wedding Favors - Assorted GlovesImage:

Although the temptation with wedding favors is to add your initials or wedding date, for gloves, we recommend skipping this. It might be strange for your guests to use winter gloves with someone else’s initials on them. They will be more likely to wear them if there’s no personalization added. However, they can reflect your wedding palette.


Not only are scarves practical for keeping warm during the cold months, but they’re also a great way to add a nice touch to a winter outfit. This is why they make excellent winter wedding favors.

Winter Wedding Favors - Beige ScarvesImage:

Definitely avoid any dates or initials on it, though. Just like winter gloves, this is a piece of clothing and guests are more likely to use them if they don’t have anything personal on it related to your winter wedding.

Hot Chocolate Favors

What better way to warm up during the winter season than with yummy hot chocolate? Present your guests with a very delicious winter wedding favor: mason jars filled with all the ingredients they need to make their own hot chocolate at home. They’ll have all the makings of the perfect cup to warm them up, and then they’ll be able to use the mason jar afterward.

Winter Wedding Favors - Hot Chocolate Ingredients In Mason JarsImage:

Mini Snow Globes

What’s a better reminder of the winter holiday season than snow globes? These super cute winter wedding favors can be used as home decorations for the season, and every winter when your guests take them out with their winter décor, they will remember your beautiful winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Favors - Snow GlobeImage:


Who doesn’t love snuggling in a warm pair of slippers during the cold winter season? These are one of our favorite winter wedding favors. They’ll help keep your guests’ feet and toes toasty all winter long. Again, with these, we recommend skipping any initials or wedding dates incorporated. Instead focus on your wedding colors or theme.

Winter Wedding Favors - Assorted SlippersImage:

Hand Warmers

Your guests will thank you in their mind every time they use their winter wedding favor pair of hand warmers. It’s a simple gift that will help keep them warm on their adventures out in the cold during the winter season.

Winter Wedding Favors - Plaid Hand WarmersImage:

We love when couples decide to have their weddings in the winter instead of typical spring and summer. There’s something very romantic about celebrating love in the biggest way with those you care about during the cold holiday season.

While you can always give typical favors, consider going the extra mile and treating your guests to something a little more cozy. These winter wedding favors make very practical gifts that can be used all season long.

Good luck! And if you’re looking for your perfect winter wedding venue, please contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!