Why To Have A Party For Your 5-Year Wood Wedding Anniversary

Five Year Wood Wedding Anniversary - Hands Making A Heart

To celebrate a wedding anniversary, most couples want to spend time alone and enjoy one another. However, for milestone anniversaries such as the 10-year, 25-year, and 50-year, a big party is usually expected.

But what about the 5-year wedding anniversary? This one is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. Perhaps it’s not a huge “milestone” anniversary like the others, but at Blush Banquet Hall, we think that the 5-year anniversary is a very important one.

Here’s why.

Five Years Is A Big Achievement

It may not be quite a decade, but it’s halfway there, and that’s quite a bit of time. Some people may say, “Oh, five years is nothing.” But we very much disagree. Five years is plenty of time to have built your new lives together into one. You may have a child or children, you may be on an incredible career path, or you may have bought a home. A lot can happen in a day, let alone five years. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s nothing.

Besides, in this day and age when divorces happen left and right, a marriage that lasts even five years is a big achievement. We say throw a party to celebrate that!

It Comes With A Built-In Theme

Did you know that the five-year wedding anniversary material is wood? First there’s paper, then cotton, leather, fruit/flowers, and then year five is wood.

Symbolizing strength and longevity, wood also happens to look fantastic as décor. If wood is used properly as décor, it can make your 5-year wood wedding anniversary look amazing. Here are some inspirational ideas for décor.

A Party Allows You To Bask

When you’re married, you share a life with your spouse. This means you share family members and friends together. When you have a 5-year wood wedding anniversary and you’re surrounded by these loved ones, you get the opportunity to truly take in their presence and enjoy the friendships you’ve built with your partner.

Anniversaries Show Off Your Love

Not to sound too mushy, but a 5-year wood wedding anniversary party is the perfect way to remind everyone exactly how in love you are. After all, shouldn’t true love always be celebrated?

Five Year Wood Wedding Anniversary - Couple Hugging

Some couples even decide to renew their vows at their 5-year anniversary. While some may think it’s too soon to do this, we have to politely disagree. To us at Blush, we believe that couples should renew their vows whenever they want!

It Doesn’t Need To Be A Gift Grab

If you’re thinking about having a 5-year wedding anniversary party purely to celebrate your marriage, we recommend stating NO GIFTS PLEASE clearly on the invites. Many people might think you’re throwing a party just to get presents. Nip this is the bud by declining gifts up front.

Everyone Loves A Party!

Celebrating your 5-year wood wedding anniversary is a great excuse to get all your favorite people together and have a great time. Many parties have been thrown for lesser reasons, right? Delicious food, an energetic atmosphere, great music, friends and family, and your husband or wife of five years…what could be better!

Five Year Wood Wedding Anniversary - Close Up Holding Hands

As you can see, we at Blush Banquet Hall are very pro having a 5-year wood wedding anniversary party! You have to celebrate the smaller things in life too, and we think that five years of marriage is very impressive indeed. So if you decide to throw a party for this celebration, good luck and have a blast! And be sure to consider our party venue if you’re looking for a space.